We’d like to share a recently published report on the third-party evaluation of CFLRP and the Joint Chiefs Landscape Restoration Partnership. This work was completed by researchers Courtney Schultz, Cass Moseley, and others over the last few months.

This study was intended to:

  1.       Understand the value added by CFLRP and JCLRP
  2.       Identify factors that support success and persistent challenges
  3.       Inform future implementation and design of collaborative restoration approaches

Please feel free to share these resources widely!

–          The full report with appendices

–          A one pager just on CFLRP

–          A one pager just on JCLRP

–          A one pager summarizing overall study results

If you have questions, please contact Lindsay Buchanan with the U.S. Forest Service:

Lindsay Buchanan
Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program Coordinator
Forest Service, Forest Management
p: 503-808-2810
c: 202-365-2600
1220 SW 3rd Ave
Portland, OR 97204