Memorandum of Agreement

The Amador Calaveras Consensus Group (ACCG) is a diverse community based collaborative effort working to create healthy forests and watersheds, fire-safe communities, and sustainable local economies. The Group operates within California’s Amador and Calaveras Counties in and adjacent to the upper Mokelumne River watershed. The purpose of this Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) is to provide a framework between the members of the ACCG for working together.   This MOA provides clarity of intent, shared vision, membership eligibility and accountability, and basic policies and procedures for key organizational functions.

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ACCG Principles and Policies to Guide Operations

The Principles and Policies to Guide Operations detailed below are intended for the use of the ACCG in guiding projects the ACCG controls, manages, sponsors or is considering endorsing. The ACCG recognizes that not all of the principles and policies may be applicable or necessary on every project. Further, the ACCG recognizes that conforming with the principles and policies will require a balanced approach as projects will need to strike a balance between environmental, community and economic objectives. Entities seeking ACCG endorsement of projects should consider how their projects evaluate or integrate the principles and policies.

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Work Groups
Within ACCG, Standing Work Groups providing the routine organizational functions of the ACCG. These work groups are currently Administration, Planning, and Operations.

The administrative function provides management for executing the policies and decisions of the governance function, assures documentation and management of the organizations’ information and records, manages the balance between the organization’s different functions, oversees accountability, develops and manages procedures for the policies and practices of the ACCG.

The planning function provides research and analysis for policy and program development, designs implementation projects consistent with approved policy and resources reasonably available, prepares project proposals, drafts position papers and assesses opportunities.

The operations functions are the practical work of applying effective processes to tasks that when successfully accomplished result over time in the organization’s purpose and desired strategic outcomes.

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