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Understanding and Addressing Emerging Frustration Among Citizens’ Collaborative Groups Interacting with the USDA Forest Service

November 30, 2015

Mike Albrecht, Past Co-Chair, Yosemite
Stanislaus Solutions, California

John Buckley, Past Co-Chair, Yosemite
Stanislaus Solutions, California

Gary Severson, Past Chair, Colorado Bark
Beetle Cooperative, Colorado


Unless action is undertaken to confront the problem
of deepening frustrations by many citizens’
collaborative groups, it is likely that the collaborative
outcomes envisioned by the USDA Forest Service
will not be achieved. It is the hope of the authors that
this paper will be instrumental in beginning a national
dialogue concerning this growing trend of frustration
among citizens’ collaborative groups working with the
Forest Service and that actions can be taken to
strengthen citizen collaboration.

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